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Wellness Plans

Introducing Affordable Wellness Plans For Your Pet

Our clients have asked for an option that will allow them to pay for their pet’s veterinary care in monthly payments that they can spread out over 12 months instead of paying all at once at the time of each visit, and we’ve heard that request.


Statistics have shown that providing regular wellness care can help your pet to live longer and can prevent more critical problems that are costly to treat. Great Neck Veterinary Clinic is partnering with you to provide this regular care in all-encompassing wellness packages. We’ve customized Wellness Plans that not only focus on delivering great preventative care that fits your pet’s specific needs and age, but also offer this care at special plan prices for Wellness members.


Our staff will consult with you to help you to select the individualized care plan that’s right for your pet and for you.


What Is A Wellness Plan?

Unlike Pet Insurance which is intended to cover the costs of emergencies and unexpected health problems when they occur, and usually requires a deductible and often co-pay, a wellness plan focuses on keeping your pet healthy. Wellness plans provide a customized health care roadmap that includes all the preventative care that your pet will need at every stage of life from youth thru adult. Our clients like having superior care in an all-encompassing plan, at lower plan prices, without confusing deductibles or hassles with the insurance company.


Our comprehensive Wellness Plans are right for every part of your pet’s health needs and include such things as regular exams, vaccinations, parasite evaluations, blood work, nail trims and dental cleaning. Puppy and Kitten Wellness Plans also include microchip and spay or neuter as well as those most important first protective vaccines. Kittens begin losing their inherited natural immunity at six weeks of age, and your puppy is most vulnerable to disease during the first year of life. Our doctors recommend you enroll kittens and puppies at five months or younger.


Is A Wellness Plan Right For You And Your Pet?

  • Will you visit the veterinarian two or more times a year?
  • Do you want to spread the cost of good health care over 12 months?
  • Do you want your pet to be current with their vaccinations?
  • Would you prefer a professional to trim your pet’s nails?
  • Do you want to prevent chronic health issues (allergies, itchy irritated skin, ear infections, excessive shedding or vomiting)?
  • Does your pet’s breed or genetic history suggest that you watch for specific health concerns?
  • Do you want to keep your pet’s breath smelling good and its teeth healthy?


Affordable preventative wellness care will help your pet to have a longer and healthier life. Interested in a wellness plan for your pet? Contact us to talk with a member of our staff who’ll discuss the plans that are available, review your pet’s health records, and make a recommendation for your pet.

2248 Ebb Tide Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451



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