Our Top Priority Is Keeping Your Pet Healthy

Shore Drive/Great Neck VA: Pet Health

The foundation of your pet’s health care is a thorough physical exam. From the very young to the senior citizens, the exam is critical to the care of every animal. Young animals change rapidly as they grow so they need to be meticulously examined at each of their visits when they are puppies and kittens. Our recommendation is that all pets receive semi-annual physicals to give our veterinarians the best opportunity to detect diseases earlier rather than later. It is important you keep in mind that animals age faster than humans. One dog year is approximately equal to seven human years!

Pet wellness is Great Neck Veterinary Clinic’s foremost concern. We evaluate many different aspects to comprehensively understand the health of your pet, and during the exams, our doctors will...

  • Observe your pet move so that we may check for neurological or musculoskeletal problems
  • Listen closely to your pet’s heart and lungs for any indications of cardiac or lung disease
  • Conduct a vision test
  • Survey the skin for signs of parasites, itching, or unusual lumps
  • Feel your pet’s abdomen to check organ sizes and shapes
  • Examine your pet’s teeth and oral cavity for dental health and cleanliness
  • Check all lymph nodes

The thoroughness of your pet’s exam ensures that we are able to advise you on all facets of your pet’s health. After the exam, we will discuss any procedures we feel your pet may need (i.e., dental or vaccinations). It is our belief that these exams are the best way to determine an effective treatment plan and, ultimately, the best way to extend the quality and length of your pet’s life.

For your convenience, we provide more information on many animal health topics and Great Neck Veterinary Clinic services on our page of frequently asked questions so that you can be an up-to-date and informed pet owner.

Wellness Plans

We offer wellness plans to meet your pet's preventative care needs. You get automatic payments spread out over 12 months in a convenient, easy to budget plan. To learn more details about the wellness plans we offer and what is included, please click on the picture below or give us a call and we would be glad to answer any of your wellness plan questions.