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Bay Beach Veterinary Emergency Hospital
2476 Nimmo Parkway #101
Virginia Beach, VA

Blue Pearl Specialty & Emergency Town Center
364 S Independence Blvd
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Peninsula Emergency Veterinary Clinic
1120 George Washington Memorial Hwy
Yorktown, VA

The Cove Center of Veterinary Expertise
6550 Hampton Roads Pkwy #113
Suffolk, VA

Virginia Veterinary Center
3312 W Cary St
Richmond, VA

Animal Emergency Center
2025 George Washington Memorial Hwy
Yorktown, VA

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Veterinary Surgery

Our highly skilled veterinary team is experienced in most common surgical procedures. We strive to make our patients and their families as comfortable as possible, from your pre-surgical consultation to your pet’s dismissal and aftercare. We’re with you every step of the way, applying our commitment and expertise to ensure a safe procedure and a speedy recovery.


We have a loving team member personally dedicated to your pet for the entire procedure day. Monitoring and comforting them to reduce your stress and theirs because we know surgeries can be very scary for everyone.


We perform spays and neuters, declaws, tumor removal, abdominal surgeries, and some orthopedic procedures, all under the safest possible anesthetic and with the utmost attention to patient monitoring. We do offer laser surgery, which minimizes pain and postoperative swelling.


For scheduled surgeries, we require a pre-surgical visit, which includes:

  • Physical exam
  • Blood work to minimize anesthetic risks
  • Vaccination boosters, if necessary
  • Discussion about the surgical procedure and any possible complications
  • Answers to any questions you may have about the procedure or costs
  • Perioperative pain medication or antibiotics prescriptions

Laser Surgery

Laser technology has emerged as a breakthrough medical tool that minimizes the negative effects of surgical procedures and expedites cell repair in injured patients.


The main benefits of laser surgery are:

  • Reduced bleeding

  • Reduced pain

  • Reduced swelling

  • Faster recovery

Pain Management & Relief for Your Pet

Our approach to pain management for our patients is rooted in our philosophy for compassionate care. We not only understand how difficult it is to watch a beloved pet suffer, we also make it our priority to minimize or eliminate pain and discomfort in all of our patients. We will teach you how to recognize the signs of pain and discomfort in your pet and help you choose the best medicines and therapies to minimize pain.


Some of the key points of our pain management program are:

  • Pain management is vital to your pet’s recovery. Multiple research studies have shown, both in humans as well as pets, the positive effects of reducing pain on the overall healing process. We adhere to these principles at Great Neck Veterinary Clinic.
  • Every patient receives an individualized pain treatment score and plan that is specifically tailored to his or her health status. Advanced protocols have been developed by our team of veterinarians in consultation with leading experts in veterinary anesthesiology and analgesia.
  • We utilize a balanced, multi-modal pain management technique, a strategy that uses the synergistic effects of several pain medications together to achieve better control of pain. This significantly lowers side effects and results in better management and reduction of pain in your pet.
  • Drugs used by our veterinarians are the same medications used and trusted by human anesthesiologists.
  • Adjunct methods of physical therapy and acupuncture also are available to manage post-injury or post-operative patients.
  • At Great Neck Veterinary Clinic, we consider pain reduction a high priority during surgical procedures and provide pain management before, during, and after surgery.

2248 Ebb Tide Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23451



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