For Your Pet’s Protection: Year-Round Flea, Parasite & Heartworm Prevention Programs

Virginia Beach VA Area Pet Clinic: Pet Vaccinations

Great Neck Veterinary Clinic believes your pet needs to be protected from fleas, intestinal parasites, and heartworms year-round. Fleas and ticks are problematic through every season in Virginia—not just during hot and humid summer months. By using preventives, you are not only safeguarding them from many various parasites but also your family, due to the close proximity we keep with the four-legged members of our family.

If you leave yourselves unguarded, parasites can cause serious illness and, in some cases, death. Fortunately, these parasites can be prevented using monthly tablets or topical solutions. If you bring your pet to our hospital, we can provide you with an assortment of superior quality preventives and help you choose the safest, most effective ones for your pet and your household. We base our prescription on your pet’s lifestyle and unique needs.

If you are a resident of Virginia Beach, an annual rabies vaccine is required to obtain your pet license. It is usually easiest to have this vaccine administered at the time of your pet’s annual examination.

Another serious and contagious illness is kennel cough, a disease linked to the bordetella bronchiseptica bacteria. We recommend the vaccine against kennel cough based on the frequency your pet is boarded, groomed, or around other animals.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association’s (AAHA) Canine Vaccine Guidelines, not all pets are alike and that’s why there cannot be one vaccine program for all pets. Selections must be adjusted to consider important factors like age, health status, geographic location, frequency of travel, and certain exposure risks. Ask us for more information on which vaccines are best for your pet.