Resources for Virginia Beach Pet Owners

Shore Drive/Great Neck VA: Pet Resources

Great Neck Veterinary Clinic wants to provide more than just veterinary treatments; we also want to provide veterinary education. Part of being a good pet owner is to be informed. We have compiled links and resources to help you make educated decisions about your pet’s care and to help you connect with a community of fellow local pet owners.

  • Petly Pet Health—As your pet’s personal health page, Petly is a special place for you and your pet.
  • Links—For your information and entertainment, Great Neck Veterinary Clinic provides links to some of the best online resources available regarding pets and pet care.
  • Coupons and promotions—Pet care and ownership can quickly become expensive. If you frequently check our coupons and promotions link, you’ll find details about our current specials to help make taking care of your pet more affordable.
  • Pet picture gallery—Get connected with other proud pet owners! Here is just a sample of the great pets in our community. There are some fabulous animals out there. Why not take the opportunity to show off yours?
  • Light a candle—On this page, we invite you to light a candle in remembrance of your pet. During their lifetime, animals have a way of becoming members of our family. When our pets pass away, it may be as difficult as losing a human family member. Here is just one of the ways you can grieve for your loss.